Live chat with anyone who visits your website, FREE.

What visitors see:

What you see:

How do I get started?

Just download one of our native apps or sign up.

By the way, Firehose Chat on your phone feels just like texting. Imagine texting with people who visit your site. It’s as awesome as it sounds.



  • Fully native apps with push notifications. As easy as texting. Exclusive
  • Receive chat notifications on your iPhone lock screen. Exclusive
  • Totally customizable. Text, colors, complete CSS control.
  • Multi-user support (see each other chat with customers) Exclusive
  • See where each visitor is on a map. Exclusive
  • See visitor browser and system info, page they’re on, and more.
  • Complete chat history
  • Built on our own, custom chat service means we can add features other chat services can’t. Firehose Chat is only going to get better. Exclusive

"EXCLUSIVE" means we're the only service that offers this feature.
"UPGRADE ONLY" refers to the section below.

Upgrade to Premium for just $14.99/month

In addition to our awesome features you get for free, you can upgrade to invite multiple users, customize the look of your chat box and see your complete chat history.

Upgrades are made via an in-app purchase or through our Billing page.

Free vs. Upgrade

A breakdown of which features are available with an upgraded versus a free account.

Free Upgrade
Live chat box on any page of my website
Native Mac and iOS apps
Push notifications
View browser/website/etc. about visitors
View location of visitors
Set “do not disturb” hours
Customizable colors
Customizable placement
Multiple team members
Chat History

Questions & Answers

Q Wait, what is this thing again?

A This is a service called Firehose Chat. It makes it easy to carry on live conversations with people who visit your site.

Q Is there an Android or Web app?

A Yes. Our Android beta is on Google Play we'd love your feedback! The web app is also ready for beta testing, too.

Q How does it work?

A Well, you (or your resident web guy) copy and paste a small chunk of code into the HTML of your webpage. This makes a small chat window appear on your site that people can type messages into. Then you can use our Mac or iOS apps to answer questions as they come in.

Q Why are you better than other similar services?

A All the features above with an “Exclusive” badge. Also, two big things: We have custom native apps built specifically for our service, an awesome Mac app and an equally awesome iOS app. Second, you don’t have to have the app open, you can get push notifications whenever a visitor wants to chat, so you can always be an iPhone/iPad lock screen slide away from answering a visitor who wants to chat. Oh, and our pricing is WAY better and it’s one flat rate for unlimited agents. No one else has that.

Q What if I’m offline?

A Our apps are push-based. So even if they’re not open, you can allow them to notify you that someone wants to chat. On the phone it feels just like texting with someone from your lock screen. It’s kinda magical.

Q How does Firehose Chat benefit my business?

A You probably get a lot more traffic than you realize, but customers often leave after getting confused and you’re none the wiser. Firehose Chat helps you engage those customers before they leave. You’ll see increased customer satisfaction and find out what the pain points of your website are.

Q Is it really free?

A Yes, the basic version is free. If you want to customize the chat box, remove the Firehose branding, view history or have multiple agents, you’ll need to upgrade. A subscription is only $15 a month, regardless of the number of agents or websites you install it on.

Q Why do birds suddenly appear, every time I am near?

A Just like us, they long to be close to you.

Q Can I customize the look of the chat window?

A Yep, with a paid account you have complete control including color, placement, intro text, etc. You can even edit the CSS right in the app if you’re so inclined.

Q Wait, how many websites can I install it on?

A As many as you need, but we do ask that you exercise restraint. Think of the children.

Q And how many users can I add?

A With a paid account, as many as you want. 20 agents costs the same as 1.

Q Do you guys offer a reseller program?

A Not yet. We’re seriously considering it though.

Q Why am I so darn good looking?

A You were just born that way.